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Your Questions Answered!

Reader Question: I’m Afraid of Dropping My Motorcycle in a Turn

Help this rider with tips for making u-turns and tight turns on a Harley

Can anyone give this reader some words of wisdom to help her get over the fear of dropping a heavy bike while turning?
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How Do I Gear Up to Ride My Motorcycle in Changing Climates on a Budget?

New woman rider seeks advice for cost-effective protective riding apparel

Ever notice that when you start out a ride in the early morning, it’s freezing out, but later on it warms up? How do you buy gear that suits various temperatures without breaking the bank? We'd love to share your advice.
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Can a Petite Woman Rider Handle a Big Touring Motorcycle?

Do you have advice about best big bikes for short women?

Are you a small woman who rides a big touring motorcycle? Help this woman out with your tips and advice about which bike to try as she looks to move up to a bigger bike.
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Riding a Harley in Humid Weather

Any advice to a rider planning a motorcycle tour to a hot and wet state?

I'm from the desert where there is really low humidity. Is there anything special I need to know about riding a motorcycle in high humidity?
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Reader Question: New Plus-Sized Woman Rider Seeking Advice on First Motorcycle

Will the Kawasaki Ninja 300 be too small or should she start with a bigger bike?

Kimberly in North Carolina is looking for advice on choosing her first motorcycle. Help her out!
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Shopping for Her First Full Face Motorcycle Helmet and Having Problems

Share your opinions about good quality, lightweight helmets

This rider tried one full face helmet but found it too heavy. Got advice?
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Small Woman Rider Seeks Advice for her First Dirt Bike

Help a wildlife photographer find the perfect off-road motorcycle

Wildlife photographer and WRN reader, Rosemary, is looking for some advice on the right bike for off-road riding.
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Will the Motorcycle I Choose Limit Where I Can Ride With My Husband?

Is a Honda Grom a good choice for this new rider?

A WRN reader is looking for suggestions for a good weekend motorcycle to ride along side her husband.
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Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Pain

Seeking advice for relieving lower back and private parts discomfort

A WRN reader asks the question we’ve all wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.
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Riding With a New Motorcyclist

Should you ride in front or behind the new rider?

Help us answer this reader's question about how to ride with a new motorcycle rider.
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