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VIDEO: Jump Starter for your Motorcycle Battery

Don’t get stranded without power

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Many motorcycle riders at one time or another have walked away from their motorcycle leaving the key in the ignition with the lights or accessories turned on and still illuminated. This means hours later when they return, they'll most likely encounter a dead battery, which can make a good day turn sour.

What about those riders who don't use a trickle charger on their motorcycle's battery during winter storage hoping their bike will start when they're ready in the spring. It might—or it might not. 

Most motorcycle riders I know don't carry jumper cables with them while riding—and even if there is a nearby car with jumper cables, it can be hazardous to charge your small motorcycle battery with the cables connected to a more powerful car battery. The smart and practical way to get back on the road is with a battery jump starter.

jump starter for your motorcycle battery weego harley
To use the Weego JS6, connect the alligator leads to the positive and negative terminals on the motorcycle's discharged battery, turn on the Weego's power switch, and start the motorcycle.

Honestly, I didn't know what a jump starter was until I met the folks at Weego, a relatively new name in the battery jump starter business, at the AIMExpo (American International Motorcycle Expo) last fall. The small black device that’s about the size of your hand promises to jumpstart a motorcycle’s dead battery to get you back on the road.

jump starter for your motorcycle battery weego
We met the owners of Weego, which include Julianna Toscani, here showing off the three jump starter sizes, last October at the AIMExpo in Orlando.

The device is so compact and lightweight (about a half pound) that it’s easy to just toss in your saddlebag or purse every time you go for a ride on your motorcycle. There are three sizes available depending on the vehicle you want to jumpstart. The one recommended for motorcycles is the Standard, which runs $99. What’s great about this one is that it can also charge your phone and laptop, and includes a built-in LED flashlight. Did you hear that? It's a back-up battery to charge your cell phone! That alone makes it worth investing in for me.

jump starter for your motorcycle battery weego usb port
Besides being able to jump start a dead motorcycle battery, the Weego JS6 has a 5-volt, 2 amp USB output port so you can charge your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or other electronic devices that use a USB connection.

jump starter for your motorcycle battery weego JS6
The included alligator clips have a very short lead, which makes them easy to carry along. The clips themselves are stubby and can be difficult to attach if the battery is tucked in a hard-to-reach location.

Watch Julianna in this video share a little bit more info about the product.

What I love about the Weego is the whole marketing and branding surrounding the product. The owners, the Toscani’s, took what otherwise could be a foreign mechanical product to me and made it user-friendly with a fun name and colors, all displayed on a website that’s easy to navigate with understandable specs and instructions. There are even videos and a blog to help me understand the world of jumpstarters and how I can use them in my daily life.

Remember though, a jump starter only works with a battery that has some charge or "juice" left in it. No jump starter can jump a battery that as no charge left in it. If the jump starter doesn't get your battery going enough to start your motorcycle, it may be time for a new battery.

Visit to order and tell them WRN sent you!

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