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VIDEO: Function and Fashion in New Motorcycle Jacket from Roland Sands Design

Safety of racing leathers with style that looks this good!


Roland Sands Designs makes a bold statement in women's motorcycle riding gear with the intentionally understated Quinn leather jacket. Throw in a track record for performance, protection, and durability and you have what the company calls a functional piece of art that is as unique as the riders themselves. 

fashion function new motorcycle jacket quinn
The Quinn jacket from Roland Sands Design features a host of hidden features and subtle technical enhancements that take it from the realm of fashion wear to real riding gear.

“Women don't necessarily want to look like a MotoGP racer but they want to be comfortable on the bike and look good,” says Roland Sands, the former racer who has worn plenty of roadracing leathers in his day. “But make no mistake, this is a performance-fit riding jacket, not a fashion accessory. Women will fall in love with the soft and supple top grain leather."
fashion function new motorcycle jacket quinn black front
The Quinn jacket, available in black as well as tan shown in previous photo, combines rotated, pre-curved sleeves and dropped back length with an aggressive riding fit.

Unlike stiff race wear, the Quinn forms to a woman's body and provides an ease in movement you won’t find in an average riding jacket. “Combine all this with our silky satin poly lining, perforated leather panel sleeve inserts and you have a jacket that is just as comfortable and sexy on or off the bike," says Sands.

review 2016 bmw r ninet owners manual under seat
The Mustang uses a new mounting bracket and still allows for just enough room underneath it for the owner’s manual.

• Top grain cowhide construction (.6mm - .8mm thickness)
• Power stretch back shoulder panels so the jacket "gives" when leaning forward towards the handlebars
• Zip-close cuffs, waist, and pockets
• Aggressive riding fit with rotated pre-curved sleeves and dropped back length 
• Relaxed collar opening
• Perforated leather panel sleeve inserts for venting on warmer days
• Armor-ready shoulder, elbow, and back protector pockets

The back protector, and elbow and shoulder armor are optional and priced at $35, $30, and $25 for a pair respectively. The Quinn jacket comes in black and tan colors in sizes S to 2XL. Price is $550. For more information and to order online, visit

Watch this video with more details on the jacket's features. 

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