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Two Women Riders Retrace History on Cross Country Trip

The Inspired Tour commemorates 100th anniversary of Hotchkiss Ride


Two women motorcycle riders will hit the road on June 5 traveling from more than 3600 miles from New York to San Francisco retracing the historical route ridden by pioneering motorcyclists Effie and Avis Hotchkiss 100 years ago. 

Lisa Brouwer and Kris Haase, both from South Dakota, are embarking on what they are calling The Inspired Tour, to commemorate the historical ride that the Hotchkiss mother and daughter team did on a sidecar motorcycle a century ago. 

two women riders retrace history on cross country trip lisa brouwer kris haase
Lisa Brouwer and Kris Haase are mothers and motorcycle riders inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. "We hope to change lives along the way, one mile at a time.”

“The mission of The Inspired Tour is to inspire women not only to ride motorcycles, but encourage them to dream big and act bigger in their lives,” said Lisa Brouwer, founder of The Inspired Tour. “Just as Effie and Avis inspire us, our goal is to inspire women from coast to coast.”

two women riders retrace history on cross country trip effie and avis hotchkiss
Effie Hotchkiss, in the rider's seat, and her mother Avis, rode coast to coast in this Harley-Davidson sidecar motorcycle in 1915 becoming the first women to do so.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is loaning the Lisa and Kris Harley-Davidson Street Glides for their ride. “It’s a far cry from the 1915 Harley-Davidson Gray Fellow Effie rode 100 years ago,” said Kris. “We’re grateful to Harley-Davidson for believing in women riders and the power of The Inspired Tour.” 

Lisa and Kris will greet riders at non-scheduled stops as well as Harley-Davidson dealerships along the route starting on June 5 and ending June 20. Woodstock Harley-Davidson in Kingston, New York, is one of those stops. “We’re honored the ladies of The Inspired Tour are making a stop at our dealership,” said Joi Becker of Woodstock Harley- Davidson. “We are looking forward to hearing their plans as they speak to our HOG group.” 

two women riders retrace history on cross country trip inspired tour route
The Inspired Tour route includes 15 stops along the way. Lisa and Kris encourage women riders to meet them at their stops to ride with them part of the way.

Women motorcyclists are encouraged to follow the tour and are welcome to ride a portion of the route. Here is The Inspired Tour schedule.

Friday, June 5: New York, NY to Utica, NY 
Saturday, June 6: Utica, NY to Erie, PA 
Sunday, June 7:  Erie, PA to Perrysburg, OH 
Monday, June 8: Perrysburg, OH to Joliet, IL 
Tuesday, June 9: Joliet, IL to Moberly, MO 
Wednesday, June 10: Moberly, MO to McPherson, KS 
Thursday, June 11: McPherson, KS to LaJunta, CO 
Friday, June 12: LaJunta, CO to Loveland, CO 
Sunday, June 14: Loveland, CO to Las Vegas, NM 
Monday, June 15: Las Vegas, NM to Gallop, NM 
Tuesday, June 16: Gallop, NM to Kingman, AZ 
Wednesday, June 17: Kingman, AZ to Glendale, CA 
Thursday, June 18 : Glendale, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA 
Friday, June 19: San Luis Obispo, CA to San Jose, CA 
Saturday, June 20: San Jose, CA to San Francisco, CA 

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