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Trike and Three Wheeler Reviews

New Mentorship Program Launches to Help Women Experience the Open Road

Can-Am's exciting initiative aims to grow the number of female motorcyclists

5/28/2020, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program is inspiring more women to get out onto the open road. Learn how to get involved and have direct access to mentors to plan rides, ask questions, and learn more about riding.
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Three-Wheeler Review: Can-Am Ryker

A perfect first “motorcycle” for new riders—automatic transmission and only a footbrake!

10/9/2018, By Brittany Morrow, Contributor, Photos by Kevin Wing
This new entry level three-wheeled motorcycle from Can-Am is designed to get new riders on the streets quickly and easily.
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How a Ride on a Can-Am Spyder Changed One Female Veteran’s Life

Adventure therapy on the open road helps heal PTSD

11/30/2017, By Janice Godwin, Managing Editor
Veteran Jessy Baxley is on the road to recovery after taking an adventure therapy trip riding 1,500 miles on a Can-Am Spyder.
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Video Review: Polaris Slingshot, a Woman's Everyday Ride

How the unique three-wheeler incorporates into one's daily life

7/31/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
One ride in the Slingshot and Polaris will no doubt attract those who want to go fast, have fun, and look cool. I don't really care about all of that. I want to know how it works in my everyday life.
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Your Motorcycles: MaryAnn Duffey's Doggie Sidecar

No ruffin' it here!

MaryAnn Duffey didn't want to leave her dogs at home when she went for a motorcycle ride so she found the perfect set up so her two pooch passengers could ride with her.
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How To Ride With A Sidecar

A new book shows you how

One of these days you might get the itch to learn something about motorcycle/sidecar combinations. Maybe you've got children you'd like to bring on the ride, but you refuse to risk their safety on the back of a two-wheeler. Maybe your vintage legs are getting a little wobbly and you're thinking about the stability of a three-wheeled motorcycle that doesn't fall down.
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Ergo Handlebars for the Can-Am Spyder

Get the right fit on this unique three-wheeler

The HeliBars Roadster Handlebar Riser for the Can-Am Spyder improves comfort by relocating the stock handlebars and cover. CNC Machined from 6061 billet aluminum, the riser is designed to provide the rider with better handling ergonomics and greater low speed control.
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Add A Sidecar Instantly

Turning two wheels into three

Not ready yet for three wheels but like the stability and extra storage capacity? Tow-Pac makes the SidePack designed to turn a two-wheeled motorcycle instantly into a three-wheeler sidecar, with the sidecar being used for storage. Many motorcyclists use a sidecar for the sake of stability and/or extra cargo carrying capacity.
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Retractable Wheels Add Confidence When Stopping

Alternative to a trike extends time on a motorcycle due to aging or other issues

The largest segment of motorcyclists are baby boomers and many are finding out that as they age, they’re losing confidence in holding up a motorcycle as they come to a stop.
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Beginner's Guide to Getting Into Motorcycling

Everything the future woman rider needs to know

Now more than any other time in history, women are taking up motorcycle riding in record numbers. If you’ve found your way to this page because you're a woman thinking of getting into the sport, you're certainly not alone—one in four motorcycle riders on the road today is a woman!
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