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Top 5 Touring Motorcycles Women are Riding Now

Our list of the most popular heavyweight bikes among female riders today

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Honorable Mention: BMW R 1200 GS

We added an honorable mention to our list of top five touring motorcycles because while this model is considered a touring bike (and a heavyweight by BMW standards) it has the ability to go off road, which in motorcycling classifications makes it an "adventure touring motorcycle," and there is a growing contingent of women, according to our survey, who get excited at the prospect of doing just that. 

The BMW R 1200 GS is considered the icon of all adventure travel bikes, and with more women riding than ever before, it's natural they'd gravitate to the motorcycle that, for 32 years, has been defining this touring segment.

top 5 touring motorcycles women are riding now bmw
Stephanie Rowe, a rider from England, is part of a BMW promotional tour of the world where riders travel on BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles to show the versatility of the bike.
She's ridden 5,000 miles so far.

Among adventure touring motorcycles, the BMW R 1200 GS is considered the Cadillac of models because it led the charge early on offering comfort and safety features like ABS, heated grips, and different riding modes that make the bike adaptable to changing riding conditions. 

Like our other touring motorcycles, a rider must be experienced and confident to handle such a large motorcycle. Because it's designed to go off road, the seat height is much higher to allow for ground clearance. Standard seat height is 33.5 inches, but BMW offers adjustments to as low as 31.5 inches.

The women that ride our honorable mention bike love the model so much that there's even a group called BMW GS Girls with an active Facebook page for members to share. The GS Girls goes beyond the R 1200 GS to include women who ride any of BMW's GS adventure touring models, motorcycles that were also mentioned in our survey. 

top 5 touring motorcycles women are riding now bmw
The BMW Off-Road Academy provides specialized training for motorcyclists who want to ride their BMW on gravel trails. Occasionally, women-only classes are held, like this one at the BMW MOA rally in Billings, Mont., last year. Classes like this encourage more women to learn to master their motorcycle "off the beaten path" opening up a whole new world of adventure to them.

That finishes our list of the most popular touring motorcycles ridden by women today. Now please share yours with us and tell us why you like it in the comments below, and include a photo. 

If you're interested in purchasing the results of our 20-question survey on what women are riding and what they want in a motorcycle, please email me at

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