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Top 5 Touring Motorcycles Women are Riding Now

Our list of the most popular heavyweight bikes among female riders today

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

5. Harley-Davidson Road Glide

The motorcycle with the “different” front end rounds out our list of the top five touring motorcycles women are riding today. The Harley-Davidson FLTRX Road Glide has a fairing that is mounted on the frame as opposed to the handlebars, like its Harley "cousins," so when a rider turns, the handlebars move but the fairing does not. 

top 5 touring motorcycles women are riding now harley davidson road glide
Debra Neumann of Seattle, Washington, traded in her Road King for this 2012 Road Glide saying she was ready for a bike with a fairing. "The Road Glide is one of the best handling tour bikes, in my opinion," she says. "It has a bigger front touring tire than the Street Glide, and it handles extremely well around the corners. I love having music and cruise control on the long rides." Photo by Karen Derby.

“People ask me if it bothers me having the fairing fixed to the frame,” says Debra Neumann, shown in the photo above. “I reply by saying, ‘Who looks at your handlebars when you ride?’ The fairing blocks the wind and the bike cuts through some pretty decent gusts with ease.”

The Road Glide shares the same seat height as the Street Glide, 26.1 inches, so a wide range of riders can plant both feet on the ground giving lots of women access to this bike’s fun factor.

Large saddlebags, a full range of goodies on the dash including cruise control (which is standard on Harley's full fairing bikes), low profile windshield, 6-gallon fuel tank, and that Twin Cam 103 motor give a touring rider just enough comfort, power, and gadgets to keep her sharp without dampening the adventure with a super heavy bike.

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