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Top 5 Touring Motorcycles Women are Riding Now

Our list of the most popular heavyweight bikes among female riders today

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

4. Honda Gold Wing

If Harley-Davidson didn’t dominate U.S. market share for heavyweight cruisers, the Honda Gold Wing might be a little higher on our list of touring motorcycles. Still, the powerful 1800cc Gold Wing did make our top five because it’s perhaps the easiest of the biggest motorcycles to ride with superb balance and optimal center of gravity that it's often been called the “Cadillac” of motorcycles.

top 5 touring motorcycles women are riding now honda gold wing
A rider since 2003, Johanne Lavergne of Kemptville, Ontario, just saddled up with her pearly white '06 Gold Wing last year because her spouse had to sell her bike due to health issues. Johanne, who stands 5 feet 5 inches with a 31-inch inseam, now rides her spouse on the back. “We needed a comfortable touring bike, and comfortable passenger seat. The Gold Wing offers deluxe comfort, and is loaded with features. We love it!"

A test ride comparing the two showed me that the Gold Wing’s suspension and smooth ride is superior to the Electra Glide Ultra Classic, and the women who call this beauty their own know this little secret. Bystanders gaze in awe as some of the smallest women handle a Gold Wing, but the rider knows if she can get past the bulk and hone into the weight distribution and the bike’s wonderful handling characteristics, she soon becomes one with it. 

top 5 touring motorcycles women are riding now honda gold wing woman rider
Johanne Lavergne tells us no ergonomic modifications have been done to her Gold Wing. "The bike is ‘bottom balanced’ because of the location of the engine, so it is easy to handle, even by a small shorter woman," she says. "It's a big bike, but well engineered for all heights and sizes. And it virtually drives itself; you just have to guide it and let it do the work.”

Honda doesn’t publish the laden seat height, which is the measurement we always use when indicating the seat height of a motorcycle when a rider is seated on it. The Gold Wing’s unladen seat height is 29.1 inches, but you could shave off about an inch once your seat hits the saddle. 

The Gold Wing earns its Cadillac status because it was the first to offer heated seats and a navigational system putting it years ahead of the competition in creature comforts. Women who spend a lot of time in the saddle and want to be comfortable in almost all weather conditions choose the Honda Gold Wing. 

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