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Top 10 Motorcycles Women Ride

Our updated list of most popular bikes for women

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

10. Harley-Davidson Softail Slim
And the tenth most popular motorcycle ridden by our women readers now is a motorcycle that's quickly gaining ground among female motorcyclists despite it being a relatively new model, the Softail Slim. Introduced in 2012 (and reviewed by us then), the Slim narrowly beat out the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 and the Yamaha V Star 950, motorcycles that have been around far longer and are ridden by plenty of women as well. So, fans of those bikes, it's worth noting they came in 11th and 12th respectively. 

top 10 motorcycles women ride harley davidson softail slim
The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim has a ground-hugging 23.8-inch seat height and since seat height is most important to woman when buying a motorcycle, the Slim gives many women, especially those shorter than 5-feet-5, the ability to plant both feet on the ground

Final thoughts:
Last year, Harley-Davidson reported that it is leading motorcycle sales among women, so that's why seven of the top 10 motorcycles that women are riding now are from The Motor Company. In my opinion, what this list suggests in terms of what motorcycles fell where in the list is that:

• The majority of women riders choose a cruiser style motorcycle, and in fact, our survey results show 60 percent of respondents ride a cruiser, and these models in our top 10 bear that out. The second most popular category of motorcycles women ride is street / standard style at 24 percent, followed by sport touring at 14 percent.

• The motorcycles women choose follow motorcycling trends in general. For example, touring is the largest segment of motorcycles sold currently so we're seeing more women riding touring motorcycles with two in the top 10, defying the stereotype that women only ride small or middleweight sized motorcycles.

• The growth in women in motorcycling continues full steam ahead as a beginner motorcycle and intermediate motorcycle made our top 10 list suggesting that of the women reading, a large number of them have only started riding recently or within the last two years. And in fact, this is in line with the results of the question we asked about how long you've been riding.

• Finally, the majority of women are riding powerful engine size motorcycles that come a package that's manageable to their smaller frames, i.e. the Sportsters, the Softails, the Dynas and the Shadows. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing the results of our survey, contact editor Genevieve Schmitt.

Do you ride one of the top 10 motorcycles, or another motorcycle you'd like to share? Please post a comment below and include a photo. 

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