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Tire Reviews

New Tire Review: Metzeler Cruisetec

Brand new Cruisetec tires offer better handling and sporty performance for Harleys, Indians, and metric V-twins

2/12/2019, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
WRN Editor, Tricia Szulewski, tests the brand new Cruisetec tires for Harleys, Indians, and metric V-twins.
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REVIEW: Roadgear Digital Tire Gauge

For riders who care about their tires

9/8/2010, By Genevieve Schmitt
I’m always on the quest for the perfect tire gauge. I need one that sits firmly on the valve stem and gives me an accurate reading the first time. So many of the pen style designs are flimsy and cheap so I wonder if their read out is even accurate. So, I was excited… yes, I get excited over good tire gauges…when I was asked to test the newest digital tire gauge in Roadgear’s offerings
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Doran 360M Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Provides early warning of tire pressure loss

12/13/2009, By Carla King
I've wanted to install a tire pressure monitor on my motorcycle ever since I rode a bike that had one—I couldn't believe how it eased my mind! When I received the Doran 360M monitoring system in the mail, though, I wondered if I'd be able to wire it to my bike all by myself or if I'd end up having to pay a mechanic to do it.
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Automatic Tire Pressure Checker

Lets you know when tire pressure is low

The importance of checking tire pressure on a motorcycle can never be reiterated enough. Here's a new product that makes that easy, literally automating the chore. Doran Manufacturing is introducing a tire pressure monitoring system for motorcycles.
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A Tire Tell-All

Get to know your tires

5/22/2008, By Athena Ransom
Tires are one of the most important parts of a motorcycle as they are a rider's only contact with the pavement. But many riders take their tires for granted, forgetting to properly inflate and care for them. Tires are actually the easiest part of a motorcycle to maintain. Preventive maintenance can save a ton of headaches later on.
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Customized Gadgets for Motorcycles

Making life easier on the road

Many of us struggle with strapping gadgets on our bikes because they can detract from the look of our ride and may not hold up well in riding conditions, yet we still want the opportunity to bring along modern conveniences that can improve our safety and riding experience. Many manufacturers are taking available technology and customizing it for motorcycles. Now you can take it with you.
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