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Stupid Things Said to Motorcycle Riders

Read our list then share the quirky statements you've heard about motorcycling

By Genevieve Schmitt, Founder, and Tricia Szulewski, Associate Editor

We thought it would be fun to share all the stupid things people say to motorcycle riders. Surprisingly, some of these statements are spoken by riders themselves to other riders. 

Read our list of six things, then in the comments below tell us the stupid, silly, or quirky things you've heard about motorcycling and what your response is to it.

1. There are two kinds of riders: those who’ve gone down and those who are going to go down.

Founder Genevieve’s response: "I know riders who have never gone down so this is a false statement. Thank you for not sharing your negative prophecies with me anymore." 

Associate Editor Tricia’s response: "Not true. This is a very narrow-minded, unsupported statement that perpetuates fear instead of encouraging skill development."

2. Have you dropped your bike yet?

Founder Genevieve’s response: "Who says I’m going to drop it all?"

Associate Editor Tricia’s response: "Yup. I dropped it when I forgot to put the sidestand down. Then I picked it up. Your point?"

3. My sister’s husband’s brother crashed his motorcycle and died. 

Fouder Genevieve’s response: "I'm sorry for your loss, but I love motorcycle riding and do all I can to make sure I don't end up like your sister's husband's brother who died on his motorcycle. I'm aware of the risks, but please, I'd rather not listen to any more negativity that perpetuates the worst.

Associate Editor Tricia’s response: "I'm sorry for your loss. I wish he had taken some rider skills classes so he may have avoided the accident." Or, "Did my pumping gas somehow translate to you that I wanted to hear your horror story?"

4. I had to lay her down. 

Founder Genevieve’s response: "One never has to lay the motorcycle down. You crashed because you weren’t doing something properly in the first place."

Associate Editor Tricia’s response: "Oh, you mean, you crashed?"

5. Is that your old man’s bike?

Founder Genevieve’s response: "Really? You’re kidding, right?"

Associate Editor Tricia’s response: (Laughing) "No, but I ride my wife's motorcycles all the time. She's a better rider than most men I know."

6. Motorcycles are dangerous. 

Founder Genevieve’s response:
 "Who says?"

Associate Editor Tricia’s response: "Motorcycles are harmless. It's the untrained, risktaking rider who is dangerous."

That's our short list. In the comments below share the stupid or quirky things you've heard people say about motorcycling. 

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