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Top 10 Motorcycles Women Ride

Our updated list of most popular bikes for women

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

The most common question motorcycle riders ask is what motorcycles are women choosing to ride these days. Last year, we published our first ever list of the most popular bikes among female riders, and to no surprise, that story has been our most read and shared story to date. That top 10 list of motorcycles women ride was compiled from responses we received from reader surveys we had conducted over the 10 years we'd been in existence. 

Now, a year after that list was published we’re posting an update — motorcycles most popular among women for 2015 heading into 2016. This top 10 list is compiled from results of a survey we conducted of our readers in May 2015 where more than 1500 women responded to the question, "What motorcycle do you ride?"

As the leading resource for on-road women motorcycle riders for the last 11 years, we at Women Riders Now are confident this list closely resembles the most popular motorcycles ridden by female motorcyclists today.

If you wonder why the motorcycle you ride is not on the list, it is because it was not one of the top 10 motorcycles listed by respondents. Nearly every street motorcycle out there was listed in the results of our survey, but again, this list compiles the top 10 most popular motorcycles only. Feel free to share the make and model motorcycle you ride in the comments below with a photo. We'd love to know why you chose it. Now, here's our list.

1. Harley-Davidson Sportster 883
It's no surprise this iconic motorcycle from Harley-Davidson is the most popular motorcycle ridden by women. The Sportster is the longest continuously produced motorcycle in Harley-Davidson's lineup, unveiled in 1957, and before the Street motorcycle platform was introduced in model year 2015, the Sportster 883 was the Motor Company's entry level  / budget priced motorcycle. And since Harley-Davidson leads sales of bikes to women riders, it's no wonder more women ride the Sportster 883 than any other make or model out there currently.

For 2016, there are two 883 models, the SuperLow, reviewed here exclusively on WRN when it first came out, and the Iron, reviewed here by a WRN reader, and both mentioned almost equally among survey respondents with the SuperLow edging out the Iron as most popular.

top 10 motorcycles women ride harley davidson sportster superlow riding
The Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow, with its manageable seat height of 25.5 inches, is the most popular motorcycle among women of the two 883 models currently available.

top 10 motorcycles women ride harley davidson sportster iron new
The Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 quickly gained in popularity because it offers an edgy custom look for newly minted women riders or those on a budget. Notice the smaller "peanut" style fuel tank — just one of the many design differences from the SuperLow.

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