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Need Advice: Strong Rider Still Skittish After Accident

Help her move past the fear


Editor's Note: This comment was posted to our article, Getting Back in the Saddle After an Accident. We are re-posting it here so you, our readers, can respond and help her out.

strong rider skittish after accident triumph america
This is a Triumph America LT,
the same motorcycle Karen owns.

Dear WRN,

After six months of riding on my Honda Rebel 250, I got a brand new Triumph America LT. I love it and feel good on it. On my first longish ride out with my husband we were stopped at a light. We stagger when riding and never ride right next to one another. The light turned green, he went and I waited a split second for my place. Before I could even hit the throttle, the woman behind me sideswiped me. Broken bones in my leg, ankle, and foot and cosmetic damage to my brand-new-less-than-100-miles-on-him-motorcycle.

That day I wanted nothing more than to get back on Blue and start riding again. Now, a few weeks later, I get so nervous thinking about riding and being in traffic. The more I think about it, the more scared I get. "Is my bike too big?" "Can I get away from another car?" "Maybe I shouldn't ride anymore."

I don't understand why I am more scared now than right after it happened. I can't think of anything I could've done except not been there. I have a great riding support system, but I feel myself withdrawing. I don't want to be scared. I'm usually so strong and independent.

Tampa, Florida

Readers: please provide Karen with some advice in the comments below to help her move through these feelings so she can get back on the motorcycle.

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