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5 Sexy Lightweight Motorcycles Just for Fun!

Which alter ego are you?

By Genevieve Schmitt

A fan of our Women Riders Now Facebook page asked us what we thought were the top 5 lightweight motorcycles that make women look sexy. Good question! We think all motorcycles make a woman look sexy, but not all are lightweight. So we did some research and came up with these five motorcycles that meet that criteria. Indulge us as we share the motorcycles we think can help you transform into your sexy alter ego. Pick which one is you and tell us in the comments section. Let's have some fun!

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                               • Stunningly Seductive Honda CBR500R •

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles honda CBR500R woman rider
Honda CBR500R

Light weight doesn’t mean the motorcycle has to be a lightweight. Take the Honda CBR500R, a middleweight at just 425 pounds. Bold graphics against bright white make this motorcycle stand out. With a color coordinated helmet, jacket and boots, one can’t help but get heads turning as you sprint by on this seductress. We’ll always think a woman with long hair flowing out from underneath her helmet is downright sexy, but add in a stunning go-fast sportbike and it doesn’t get any sexier than this!

                      • Naked and Naughty Suzuki GW250 •

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles suzuki gw250 woman rider
Suzuki GW250

Sorry, no naked rider shots here, just me on a naked entry-level motorcycle from Suzuki. (Naked here means minimal bodywork.) On my test ride of the all new GW250, I was amazed at how this 250cc motorcycle with its 6-speed parallel twin engine had enough power and torque to have me flying at 75 mph in no time. It’s just 403 pounds, and because it’s such a breeze to maneuver you might find yourself getting naughty (can you say wheelie!). It comes in black only, so no matter what you wear, like my Valentine’s Day red, you’ll get noticed!

                 • Bold and Beautiful Harley-Davidson Street •

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles harley-davidson street woman rider
Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750

Due to hit showrooms this spring, the Street, an all-new platform from Harley-Davidson, is available in 500 and 750cc motor sizes. This motorcycle is a true lightweight at under 500 pounds compared to its beefier big twin cousins. Regardless what the scale says, the radical styling can make any plain Jane or Joe stand out with edgy sexiness. The motorcycle’s boldness will sure rub off on you. Truly a great motorcycle on which to try out an alter ego!

                       • Charming Classic Triumph Bonneville •

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles bonneville triumph woman rider
Triumph Bonneville

The vintage upright styling of the Triumph Bonneville has always been a hit among purists, but now there’s a new generation of women riders flocking to the light, low and easy handling British bike and motorcycles just like it. At just under 500 pounds, the low seat height of 29 inches and narrow profile makes it easy for nearly any rider to handle. You can go cute and charming here, ya know—in an British sort of way—'cause cute and charming leaves a lot to the imagination! Follow me boys!

                        • Decadent and Dangerous Ducati •

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles ducati 696 white woman rider
Ducati Monster 696

There’s something sexy about Italian anything: Italian cars, Italian people and fine Italian wine. So of course the consummate Italian motorcycle brand, Ducati, makes our cut here. The Monster 696 is light at just 410 pounds with a narrow profile and manageable seat height of 30.3 inches. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking sexy motorcycle outfit when I threw on this conservative REV’IT brand riding jacket (for my photo shoot during my test ride a few months ago; full review posting soon), but I do love how the growly sounding 696 positions me for a super zippy ride. In the light of an Arizona sunset the white Italian paint-job shines while my mind dreams of riding dangerously close with some hot Italian motorcyclist like Fabio or Valentino Rossi.

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles ducati 696 woman posing
I took the opportunity during my photo shoot to drape myself over the sexy Italian machine because it might just be the next motorcycle I buy! I was trying it on for size.

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles fabio genevieve schmitt dirtbikes
Hey! I don’t have to dream of Fabio because I did get to ride motorcycles with him one time long ago!

                               • Equal Opportunity Shot •

5 sexy lightweight motorcycles honda sportbikes riders CBR500R CB500F CB500X
Trying out Honda’s 500 sportbikes on for size, from left to right: 2013 Honda CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X.

Now that you've seen our selection of sexy rides, which one would you pick? Leave a comment below.

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