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Product Review: TCX Lady Aura Boots

Fashionable, waterproof, and oh-so comfortable!

By Tricia Szulewski

The moment I put on TCX’s Lady Aura boots, I knew I was going to love them forever. Wearing them is like putting my feet in a warm bath—the extra soft and supple full-grain leather conforms to my feet so well, they might as well be custom made.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review
The Lady Auras are handcrafted in Italy and designed specifically around the anatomy of the female foot, which is typically thinner than a man’s, with a smaller heel and a more accentuated in-step.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Sideview
The anatomically shaped EVA antibacterial footbeds absorb vibration, making the boots comfortable for walking as well as riding. Better yet, the footbeds are replaceable.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Soles
The Lady Aura’s rubber soles are wear-resistant and offer a secure grip as well as an extra inch of height.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Shaft
TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Front
The top of the boot shaft has a flexible ribbed leather/elastic area in back and a tapered edge in front for superior comfort in the shin and calf areas.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Studio Shot
Not only are these boots comfortable and fashionable, they offer significant touring protection, too. Road warriors will appreciate features like ankle protection on both sides of the foot, a reinforced leather shift pad, a contoured shin plate, and a durable heel and toe plate.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Zipper Pull
A long zippered closure makes getting in and out of the boots easy. One neat feature is the zipper pull, which employs a piece of Velcro to keep it locked under the flap.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Waterproof Flap
This large flap covers and fastens securely over the zipper.

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Waterproof Gussett
Your feet will be protected from the elements with the waterproof gusset under the flap.

Made with a waterproof lining, the Lady Aura boots are an all-season, all-weather boot available in US women’s sizes 6.5 to 9.5. I found the sizing to be true. My boots did stretch out a little after I wore them a few times, so don’t cast them aside if they feel a little tight at first. 

TCX Lady Aura Boot Review Leather
The leather on the Lady Auras is soft and supple, so the boots will stretch after a few wearings.

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced pair of stylish touring boots, look no further. The Lady Auras will keep your feet comfortable, dry, and protected without sacrificing any style points. Priced at $220, these boots are available from most major online motorcycle retailers. For more information, visit

Update 9/17/15: After putting hundreds of miles on these boots, I'd like to report that they broke in nicely, have kept all the water out, and have maintained their strength and support. However, the footbed insert moves around a lot, bunching up when I put the boot on and coming out when I take the boot off. I considered removing them completely, but then I will lose some of the support that makes these boots so comfortable.

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