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Start Planning for International Female Ride Day

All women motorcyclists ride on May 7


The 2010 International Female Ride Day is just a week away and women all over the world are preparing for the global occasion that has women riders everywhere getting out on their motorcycle on this one day and riding. More countries are expected to join in and more women are setting up activities for Friday May 7th. "The word continues to spread and women enthusiastically are getting ready to ride and unite on this synchronized day around the world," says Vicki Gray, the founder of MOTORESS, the group that started International Female Ride Day. For this, the 4th annual event, Vicki says she's noticed an increase in the recognition of the Female Ride Day among the motorcycle industry around the world. "The popularity of this event comes from the concept and the fact that it invites women to ride no matter what brand, style or type of motorcycle. This gives the industry an opportunity to share its support and get involved.
Women motorcyclists gather together for a ride.
Women motorcyclists gather together for a ride.

As before, participants will be able to upload and send in their picture to MOTORESS or post them on the Facebook group and event page. A free souvenir will be sent to first 100 photos received. Participants can also go the MOTORESS Facebook group or event page to post their plans for May 7 while networking with others. In addition, women will be able to order the special 2010 Female Ride Day T-shirt as a souvenir online. This year the T-shirt will be in a natural bamboo fabric, the latest trend in eco-friendly fabrics.
At its inception in 2007, the campaign became an immediate success as women embraced the chance to participate. International Female Ride Day fever significantly magnifies each year and 2010 expects to host more riders and participants than the previous years. Canada, United States, Australia, England, The Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Poland, Israel, Qatar and Denmark as well as other countries will again be contributing to the campaign in compelling numbers. For more information, visit
The camaraderie of women riding together.
The camaraderie of women riding together.

Sport bike, cruiser, scooter, off-road, touring or competition, regardless of what type or style of motorcycle, International Female Ride Day makes one simple request of women -- just ride. The concept has assembled its power and participation in this simple, globally synchronized theme linking the chain of women through the shared activity of motorcycling. This one day is set aside to celebrate and highlight the many numbers of women who share a passion for the sport. The fact that every rider participating is a role model for women who have not yet taken their first step to enjoy motorcycling, is a role worth embracing.

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