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River Road Reviews

Clothing Review: River Road Men’s Hoodlum Jacket

Modern features in a vintage package

5/27/2014, By Johnny Zapp, photos by Emily Zappia
I’m an old soul, no two ways about it; a bit of a rebel, perhaps even a hoodlum. I prefer to stand out by embracing the ‘50s vibe of a motorcycle-riding-James-Dean rather than current trends in biker regalia.
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4 Sexy (and Functional) Black Leather Motorcycle Jackets

New styles for 2014

Now that there's proof that women who ride motorcycles are happier and feel sexier than those who don't, the editors at Women Riders Now have gathered a collection of this spring's most stylish leather jackets that will leave the wearer looking as sexy as she feels.
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Product Review: River Road Dame Jacket

A solid motorcycle wardrobe staple

9/30/2008, by Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Black motorcycle jackets are a dime a dozen, so when I find a leather jacket that's not black, I'm all over it. The one that caught my eye this time is a very dark brown, vintage-style, mid-weight leather jacket called the Dame made by River Road. If you like black, though, River Road offers that color as well.
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Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Pants and Chaps

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

3/8/2011, By Alisa Clickenger
When it comes to finding riding gear for the lower half of the body, women riders who are tall and/or curvy have the hardest time finding gear that fits. That's because there is a very limited selection of styles available in larger sizes, unlike jackets, where there are more options available. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list with the most current sizing and prices to date of leather pants and chaps in women's sizes 14 up to 26, including tall.
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Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Jackets

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

3/8/2011, By Alisa Clickenger
Even just a few years ago, a woman who was tall, large or curvy—or any combination of the three—had a difficult time finding riding gear that would fit well, protect and help her look good while riding a motorcycle. And if she wanted a choice of styles? Forget it. Like me, many women have stuffed themselves into men's gear for years just to be protected or ride in gear that just doesn’t fit quite right.
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