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Review: Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor

Raising the bar in protection

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Protective jeans are all the rage! Now more than ever we’re seeing companies making denim motorcycle riding pants for women and men that are lined with abrasion resistant fabrics like Kevlar, Dupont’s brand name for its aramid fibers. (Aramid fibers are a class of heat resistant and strong synthetic fibers, according to Wikipedia.) 

Some even go so far as allowing the wearer to add optional armor. Sliders Bella jeans is one such jean, not only incorporating abrasion resistant material in a comfortable stretchy fit, but it also has the option to add armor in the knee area. And when the armor is in place it’s inconspicuous.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor
Sliders Bella jeans have a relaxed fit so they move with you and are not constricting when riding a motorcycle. You can hardly tell there’s armor in the knees. I’m also wearing the Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 mesh jacket reviewed here; and riding a Ducati Monster 696 reviewed here.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor front
From the front, you can’t tell the knee armor is in place. You can hardly feel it either! The jeans fall mid-waist, so not too high and not too low. I appreciate this kind of coverage when riding a motorcycle.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor backside
The details and lines are simple on the Sliders Bella jeans. They’re boot cut and come in three lengths, short, regular and tall. I have a 30-inch inseam and am wearing the long, which is 32 inches.

The denim is high quality with just enough stretch in it so the jeans are comfortable when moving around. The denim has been stone washed so there is a slight fade, as well as being soft and easy to wear. While the material feels sturdy, it’s not stiff.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor back interior
The backside of the Sliders Bella jeans has Kevlar sewn into the seat area and down the back of the legs to just above the knee.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor front interior
The front of the jeans has Kevlar panels sewn into the hip and knee areas (as seen in the next photo), but they’re covered by a nylon mesh fabric, which is soft against the skin. The knee armor is removable as seen here.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor illustration
Here’s where the Kevlar panels are placed in the front of the Slider Bella jeans.

Unlike other Kevlar lined jeans I have worn and tested, the Slider’s have a soft nylon mesh fabric lining down the front that covers the seams of the Kevlar and the seams of the armor pockets, which otherwise could irritate the skin.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor knee pad
The knee armor is the soft and pliable kind, and is CE-approved so it meets the highest standards for protection. It can be inserted into one of three different positions at the knee to accommodate a wide variety of leg lengths. What a smart feature!

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor label
The jeans are traditionally styled with five pockets, a button closure and zipper fly, and one leather identifying label at the waist.

Sliders Bella jeans are sold exclusively from Competition Accessories, an online retailer of motorcycle gear and accessories. You can't find them anywhere else. The jeans sell for $84.99, which is less than comparable jeans; and the knee armor is sold separately for $11.99. Once I put the knee armor in, I had no reason to take it out.

Review Sliders Bella Jeans With Kevlar and Armor Ducati
I like knowing my legs are completely protected, yet I’m wearing jeans on my motorcycle! I’ve added a little sass to my outfit with the Icon Catwalk gloves reviewed here.

As far as sizing, I’m used to wearing tight form-fitting jeans so it was actually refreshing to wear pants with a relaxed fit that had some “give” to them. Sizes range from 2 to 18 and sizing is true, so order the same size you would with your regular jeans. However, if you want the jeans to fit tighter, the website recommends ordering one or two sizes smaller. In the end, I did not size down and ordered my regular size.

Visit for more information and to purchase.

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