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Review: Hiking-Style Waterproof Riding Boots for Women

Harley-Davidson's Juliets are comfortable on and off the motorcycle

By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor

While many women prefer a heeled boot for riding, such as the recently reviewed TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle boots, I prefer a low heel height so that the heel doesn’t “trap” my feet in a locked position on my Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob’s footpegs. I also specifically seek out waterproof boots because there’s nothing worse than being far from home with wet feet.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women inside profile
The Juliet is Harley-Davidson’s only vented women’s boot currently available. The waterproof low-heeled hiking-style boot is part of the performance collection featuring qualities that motorcycle riders require, such as slip-resistance, durability, and protective characteristics.

Harley-Davidson’s footwear is made by Wolverine, a company known for its tough work boots. Harley’s options include lots of great styles for men and women with more added each year.

When I’m shopping for new riding boots from Harley-Davidson, I immediately cancel out the “lifestyle” footwear, which are fashionable but don’t necessarily offer protection or grip for riding. Narrowing down the choices of waterproof women’s options, this leaves just a handful of styles, including my tried and true favorite, the Hennie, which I reviewed here on WRN.

With my beloved Hennie’s worn to death, I decided to replace them last year with a new pair, Harley-Davidson's Juliet boots. Despite the Hennie sizing being way off, I ordered the Juliets in my usual shoe size, 9-1/2, which turned out to be spot-on.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women shift
The Juliet’s low 1.5-inch heel height is ideal for me, since I don’t like how a heel can “trap” my foot in a set location on my Dyna’s footpeg. With a low heel like this one, I can position my foot anywhere on the peg in order to reach the shifter and brake lever comfortably.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women wide width
The sizing of the Juliet is right on par with my normal shoe size, but the standard width of the boot is extra roomy, allowing lots of wiggle room.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women waterproof
A breathable, waterproof membrane effectively keeps water from reaching your feet. Soft vented mesh material combined with full grain leather patches make up the upper. Amazingly, water doesn’t get past the mesh!

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women flex
The lightweight boot weighs only 1 pound 5 ounces, and is very flexible for walking comfort.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women juliet
The Juliet is a lace-up boot with a 5-inch shaft height, which is measured from the top of the heel to the top of the boot. It’s high enough to protect the ankles and low enough to be able to easily get them on under jeans.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women ventilation
The Juliet is a soft boot, but there is just enough stiff rubber in the front top section to protect your toe while upshifting. Here you can see that after a year of regular wear they are scuffed up, but still in tact.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women harley sole
With the signature Harley-Davidson orange and black color scheme, the sole offers plenty of grip surface so you won’t lose your footing when you put your feet down. It’s also good for off-motorcycle adventures too.

While I appreciate the ventilated features of the Juliet on hot days, unfortunately I experience foot fatigue when standing or walking for more than an hour or two while wearing them. This is critical to me as I spend long, hot days standing in parking lots while teaching the MSF BasicRider course.

I believe this fatigue is due mainly to minimal arch support, but the extra-roomy width, even with the laces tightened up, may also contribute to my feet not being supported enough for the kind of rigorous activity I put them through.

The footbeds are removable so it's easy enough to replace them with an aftermarket brand that offers more arch support, such as Superfeet. But for riding and short walks, the Juliet boots are extremely comfortable.

Juliet boots cost $164 and are available in sizes 5 to 11. Order online here at or visit your local Harley-Davidson dealership.

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