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Review: 2018 Harley-Davidson Softails

Comprehensive detailed review of each of the eight new models

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Budget Bobber – The Street Bob

The lowest priced Softail in the lineup, the Street Bob is the bobber with attitude. Transformed from the Dyna line, the Street Bob retains its solo setup, mini-ape handlebars, wire wheels, bobbed fenders, and blacked-out matte finishes.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails street bob black
I always thought the Street Bob looked best in basic black. There’s very little chrome or aluminum showing, which adds to the apocalyptic look of this bike.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails street bob side profile
What you see is what you get with the Street Bob. The mini-apes bring the bars up to my shoulders, which I find quite comfortable.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails slim handlebars
The mirrors are mounted below the grips adding to the cool, bad-boy look. But the really cool thing is the all-new digital display incorporated into the riser clamp, keeping this minimalist bike as naked as possible.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails street bob dash
Just like on all the other Softails, the Street Bob gets a digital fuel gauge that’s always displayed. Toggling through the other settings is done at the left handgrip. There’s no more need to reach up to any of the instrument displays.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails street bob seat
The solo seat is ribbed and more roomy than the similar one on the Slim. I was comfortable enough during my short time on the Street Bob.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails street bob seat height
At 25.8 inches, the Street Bob has a nice easy reach to the ground for my 5 foot 7 inches. The footpeg position is similar to that of the Low Rider—easy to reach without being cramped.

review 2018 harley-davidson softails street bob rear
The lightweight 656-pound Street Bob seems to call out to be ridden like a hooligan bike. Getting leaned over on this Softail is fun, and cornering clearance is more than decent.

As the lowest priced and lightest Softail, the Street Bob is a good choice for anyone on a tight budget and who likes a bobber with a tough stance.

Specs at a Glance: Street Bob FXBB
Engine size: 107 ci (1746cc)
Seat height: 25.8 inches
Weight: 656 pounds
Fuel capacity: 3.5 gallons
Colors: Vivid Black, Olive Gold, Red Iron Denim, Wicked Red/Twisted Cherry, Industrial Gray Denim/Black Denim
Price: starts at $14,499 (ABS $795)

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