Excellent review. I have these boots and would offer three observations: First, these boots are supposedly waterproof and many owners say the can wear them in the mother of all monsoons for hours on end and they stay dry. But others report serious leaks if a child splashes in a puddle 10 feet away. My pair are unfortunately from the latter batch.

Second, while few motorcycle boots are comfortable “walking shoes,” the Forma boots are reported to be closer to the foot torture end of the spectrum for many riders—me included.

Lastly, the thick boots take some practice to get your foot under the shifter of some bikes (mine included)—you have to learn how to twist your foot to pull off the shifts. So my pair managed to suffer from all three of the common complaints about these boots, yet I still wear them, love them, recommend them (after explaining the issues) and would buy another pair because I like the design, ease of entry, the fit on my wide feet, and the protection they provide that much. Oh, and they are the only motorcycle boot I ever bought that were an exact fit to my street shoe size!

Odenton, MD
Friday, July 16, 2021