Please compare the C3 Pro Women's and the C4 Pro Women's.

HA Horn
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Editor Response
The C3 PRO and C4 PRO line are very similar in their construction and safety features. Here are some of the differences:
• Faceshield and top vent shape

• Overall appearance is different

• C4 PRO chin vent has an updated click-and-release instead of the C3 PRO's top/bottom press method

• C3 PRO offers a communication (comm) system integrated in a replaceable neck roll that includes the speakers and mic and the C4 PRO includes the speakers and mic pre-installed and the comm unit and battery simply snap into its receptacle

• The C4 comm system is Sena-based, the C3PRO system is based on Cardo.

• Comfort lining is a slightly different material, but both are quite comfortable and anti-bacterial

• The sun visor activator on the C4 PRO is not quite as pronounced (easy to use) as on the C3 PRO

• The Pinlock visor is included with the C3 PRO, and preinstalled on the C4 PRO

—Sarah Schilke