Very good and interesting article. Would love to have one of the light systems, but the $249 cost is prohibitive at this time. Maybe you should consider offering a "senior price" for those of us on social security with older bikes. Thank you for your concern.

Russ Russell
Henderson, NV
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
This looks like a really great safety feature that I would like to purchase. My question is, does it seem secure enough with just the velcro piece?
I would hate to lose a piece of equipment that expensive by it just falling off on the road.

Belinda Busby
Santa Barbara, CA
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Editor Response
Good question, and the answer is yes! The Velcro included is super heavy duty—the plastic kind, not the fabric. If you put it on properly, it will not fall off. (Make sure you clean the helmet and remove all residue before applying the Velcro to the helmet.)
Tricia Szulewski, Editor