Regarding cooler gear without the bulk, I just learned about Techniche cooling gear—and they make specific styles for women. Some you wear over a shirt and some you wear against your skin.

Sturgis, WY
Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Editor Response
Thanks for the hot (cool) tip, Marilyn! We'll have to check them out.
Tricia Szulewski, Editor
Thank you for this article. I’m happy that you’re doing this for us—I'm sick of Harley’s “shrink it and pink it” approach to making women’s gear. (Don’t get me started on all the bedazzling that’s done for the sake of women...not that there’s anything wrong with all the bling—it’s just not for me.) I have one request next time that you’re in the clothing manufacturer’s ears—can you please tell them that tall women like to ride too?

Also, I live in Florida and would love to be safe and not burning up while stopped at traffic lights, so if they can come up with cooler gear without all the bulk that would be greatly appreciated.

And please do a show in Florida!

Thank you!

Pompano Beach, FL
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Editor Response
Your comments about offering gear for tall women is duly noted. WRN ran a gear guide for big and tall women riders years ago that was very popular that we are going to update in coming months. Be sure to check out our articles for taller riders here. We get requests for this all the time. We absolutely pass on this info to manufacturer's who are listening!
Tricia Szulewski, Editor