Heather, what a trip! Loved reading about your travels.
My hubby and I did a Edelweiss trip in 2014 (Italy, Austria, Switzerland) and the roads in Europe certainly do humble one! Narrow roads of often wet cobblestone, wet tunnels, foreign road signs, and switchbacks in the Alps—definitely not what we were used to. I, too, dropped the Road King I was riding and not speaking Italian, just nodded/smiled/"gracie" to the helpful Italian men righting my bike, often! (Sportbikes are the way to go in Europe; not big Harleys)

I say any riding is great, wet/dry/sunny/snowy—but to travel worldwide via a motorcycle is truly a heightened experience.

Edelweiss tours were great for us; tailored our trip personally and made it more enjoyable for the two of us, as we were not as interested in switchbacks, more into leisurely sightseeing. Our trip-mates were more adventurous/aggressive riders; we met up at breakfasts and dinners. It was all worked out.
And thanks for the age reference. I'm 65 and was starting to think of not riding...for absolutely no good reason!

Joyce Liana
Troutville, VA
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
I just turned 72 and have been and continue to ride sportbikes for 43 years. I recently took my Ducati Monster 821 on a 4,300-mile tour through the western states with two friends. Last April I did an all women's track day with Reg Pridmore's CLASS Motorcycle School—I try to get one in every year. It’s so much fun riding the California mountain and canyon roads with friends and with the Ducati Riders of Orange County! I'll keep riding as long as I can.

Syl Salenius
Santa Ana, CA
Monday, November 11, 2019
You go girl! I'm 72 in November and ride one of the three sportbikes I own almost every day, rainy days excluded. Living in the Appalachians, and world class motorcycle territory makes it possible for me to be picky regarding weather, tho I do ride all winter with heated gear. Loved hearing your story as its on my bucket list to ride the Alps and Morocco as well. A high five to you!

Jane Haddow
Mineral Bluff, GA
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
I loved reading your story! I, too, have dropped my bikes over the years in many of the same ways you described! I give you a lot of credit for having the courage and skill to still be riding (especially in Europe). I'll be 68 soon and I'm still touring (in the USA) for about 12,000 miles a year—mostly on a Harley. I recently downsized to a Heritage Softail to reduce the weight a couple of hundred pounds. Keep riding and stay safe!

Chandler, AZ
Tuesday, October 29, 2019