We just bought two of these! My spouse and I ride together on our Victory XC Tour. We've been riding together for eight years, and have gone through three different bikes and multiple helmet combinations. Our last helmets were Fulmers, bought in 2014. After four years of riding in Texas heat, we decided it was time to change (and after moving three states to the north). Let me preface all this by saying, "I'm cheap." I never considered a Shoei because of their cost. But heck, I really wanted a nice helmet.

Wow! From the time I put it on I was in love! Holy guacamole--the fit, the ease of using the various controls. Worth every cent. But, we went with white since, hey, I'm cheap and figured I could cover the white with stickers if I want a different color.

We also got the Sena kit and had it installed by the shop where we bought the helmets. We're still getting used to the controls on the Sena. We have enough challenges figuring out how to talk to each other, much less pairing with the phone! If you get this as your first communication set, like it is ours, practice with it before you get on your bike!

That was a big (almost bad) learning experience. It's a little finicky about pairing, you have got to follow the directions provided. We had our helmets paired and unpaired and paired again in the course of about 30 seconds. Having gloves and big fingers definitely makes it a challenge for first time users.
Another interesting glitch we found was that although the phone wasn't actively paired, when a phone call came through, it disrupted the signal between the helmets.

Overall, this is totally an awesome combination. 100% worth the cost for the overall safety improvements from even a very good helmet without communicators. No more trying to yell over wind noise, or misinterpreted hand signals ("turn left here?" "No! Just take a look at that interesting thing on the left!"). Looking forward to using it once the streets are no longer covered with ice and snow.

Diane S
Omaha, NE
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Solid review! My daughter rides with me and I am always looking for ways to enhance the experience for her. This seems to be able to scratch that itch. Thank you!

Ohene Gyapong
Silver Spring, MD
Saturday, October 27, 2018