I’ve had a pair of this model Dainese motorcycle shoe for two years now and it is holding up very well: the sole tread isn’t as slick or subtle as the photos show, but it’s not a heavy tread (looks like a court/skate shoe in real life). The rubber grips at least, so it’s better (for me) than smooth leather which my husband likes to ride in.

I’m very happy with my pair and would buy another, which won’t be anytime soon because they are holding up. Obviously it's not a cheap rubber sole on them either: they have couple thousand kilometers on them and look like new—no sole wear!

I agree with the hot day issue, but all riding gear is too hot on a heat day. I have short fat feet so I often have to go up in size for width. With socks for warmth, I find their size 38 (they call USA 6...not at all) is like a USA slightly narrow 8. Perfect for my fat 7 to 7.5 feet with socks.

Toronto, ON, Canada
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Bit pricy for a high-top sneaker. Unless I have sneaks custom-made I don't pay more than $90 for designs I create/colors. Waterproof and all. Plus they don't make size 10. In sneaks I wear socks and want comfortable shoes, plus want skid resistant when you put your feet on pavement—these look slick on the bottom. I have 12 pairs of high top sneakers, all have waterproof canvas/rubber souls/fronts and I can change the laces to whatever color I want to blend with clothes I wear. Not just all black all the time.

Most high top sneakers, even leather, aren't more than $45 to $90—so this is pricy and not that great looking or feel on a bike. I don't wear heels ever and they have a slight heel on them. Plus, as stated, the slick bottom rubber soul if you put your feet down. I don't want to slide on the street or pavement, I want traction.

Upland, CA
Thursday, September 20, 2018
Editor Response
Just to clarify, these are not sneakers you can buy at your local Payless shoe store. These are motorcycle-specific footwear resembling high top sneakers with protective qualities built-in. Dainese has been making high quality motorcycle clothing for many years and for those looking for quality, waterproof, protective footwear for riding, you can be assured this company does extensive research and development before putting its logo on the product. The pricepoint is on par with other motorcycle-specific footwear with similar qualities.

These motorcycle sneakers do not have a heel—they are flat bottomed and have a decent arch support inside. And the souls do an excellent job of gripping pavement, but I suggest taking extra care on loose gravel surfaces.
Tricia Szulewski, Associate Editor