Congratulations on your adventure and achieving goals. What a whirl-wind trip. We got out to the Oregon/Northern California coast last June. More days, less miles, with a few days of "this is a job" feeling too! But the sights, people, and memories are phenomenal. We just did our first day ride yesterday after a long, unusual winter in Virginia. Each ride solidifies that I want to continue to ride, do long trips, live also without regrets.

Thanks for sharing your story! You've got me thinking about the "next big ride" this year!

Joyce Liana
Troutville, VA
Sunday, April 15, 2018
Love it! I too enjoy my Wrangler and my motorcycle (Indian Chief Classic). Your life style is right up my alley. Enjoy the rest of your adventures.

Enola, PA
Thursday, April 5, 2018
Thank you Aimee for sharing your story, and love the pic with all your toys. Neat to read about your big goal, then to see how you still achieved it with some adjustments and variations as life progressed—have a plan but go with the flow!

So far my farthest ride is 100 km, one way up the "Malahat," and then I took the little ferry home as that was enough for one day. This is my third year riding and my baby step this summer is an overnight trip on my Honda Rebel. My total riding mileage to date is 3200 km over the three years so I was wowed by your total distance on your two weeks. Time for me to get more butt time in the saddle! Maybe I'll extend my summer trip to two nights?

Have fun planning your next no-regrets adventure, Aimee.

Virginia Rego
Victoria, BC, Canada
Thursday, April 5, 2018