Although I'm a guy (5 feet 10 inches), I'd like to say that your observation about center of gravity offsetting weight when it comes to low-speed confidence is spot-on.

I have never ridden a K 1600 B but I'd like to note that the new Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic has also picked up much better mass centralization and a better center of gravity, if those bikes are more your style.

I've put 2,500 miles on a 720-pound 2018 Heritage Classic, and I am shocked at how much easier this bike is to lift up at a stop and navigate turns at really low speeds (3-10 mph) than the prior generations. It feels like a 500 pound cruiser (and has a low seat height shorter folks might prefer.)

In contrast, one of the most "tipsy" bikes I've owned was a Honda VFR 800, which, while only 550 pounds wet, carried it's v4 higher in the frame and had a semi-sporty riding position that aggravates that characteristic at low speeds. Based on the numbers alone, you'd think the Honda was friendlier to smaller/lighter folks than the 2018 Harley, but the difference couldn't be more stark in reality.

I note this because when evaluating a new ride, I see women and smaller riders check out the dry/wet weight online and say "Oh, that's too heavy," when much of the tip-over risk they might experience is from a higher center of gravity or poor mass centralization. It's great to see someone point this out — those heavy bikes can still work really well for shorter and lighter folks if the engineering is good.

Doug Erickson
Bothell, WA
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Great article. I really liked a woman's perspective on this motorcycle. I run a motorcycle touring company and I look forward to having women clients riding this motorcycle. It helps me to understand their ride and it's capabilities. Again great article and thank you!

Bill Gade
Palatine, IL
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Great article! This bike is truly awesome! Having you show it to me personally after our trip from Charlotte to Asheville was a real treat! Thank you so much! Keep doing what you do best! Thanks again!

Anna C Sendgikoski
Matthews, NC
Friday, September 29, 2017