After several attempts to ride a motorcycle, including taking the Basic RiderCourse three times (I set a new record for falling while taking the class), I test-rode a Can-Am Spyder. The representative from Leo's South in Lakeville, Minnesota, took the Spyder to a nearby parking lot on which I could ride it. As my husband says, I got on and rode away. The representative was concerned he did not have enough gas in the tank because I rode around the lot so many times.

Shortly after that test ride we bought a used, very red, Spyder. I didn't even have a permit at the time of the purchase. By the end of the summer I had earned my roadster (3-wheeled) endorsement. At the age of 62 I was finally a legal rider.

The following spring I had Lynus Segivny add beautiful pinstriping to my Spyder while he was at an open house in Spring Lake Park.

I have since made two trips to Branson, Missouri, from Minneapolis and this past June I rode to Colorado Springs.

Picture 1 is of me as I reached the hotel in Colorado Springs. Picture 2 is of me as I reached Loveland Heights Cottages outside of Estes Park.

Cathy Iffert
Minneapolis, MN
Monday, October 9, 2017
Thanks for this article on three-wheeling. I started riding at 57 and loved it beyond anything I could imagine! I started with a Honda 600, traded that for a Honda 750, which was traded for a Honda 1300. What a ride! But, arthritis in the wrists (especially left wrist), led me to the three-wheel option. After much reading and looking, I now have a Can-Am Spyder that I love every day. Just completed a ride that proved to me she could handle heavy downtown traffic in OKC in a downpour! Still riding with a smile!

Lawton, OK
Friday, September 29, 2017
Thank you, thank you, for finally having an article that includes a 3-wheeled bike. Specifically the Can-Am. I had a Harley-Davidson Street Glide for years and loved it. But age and a bad knee didn't make it easy to hold up nearly 800 pounds of Harley. The Can-Am Spyder was my choice. Love this bike. Just because I had to give up two wheels doesn't mean I gave up riding.

AV Donovan
Bullhead City, AZ
Thursday, September 28, 2017