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For me:
1. The look/feel of the bike—test ride before buying.
2. Power. Can you pass a semi truck on the freeway with ease?
3. Distance: How far can the bike take you and cost of gas put into it? Can I ride 100-200 miles or more in one day?
4. Comfort. Riding 100+ miles a day you need comfort, that's the seat/handlebars—reach to them, overall comfort and handling of the bike. I don't like lightweight bikes because when wind comes up with a possible rainstorm you don't want to be blown off the road. You want to be more stable.
5. Being seen by other vehicles on the road. My Harley Sportster 1200 and I were run over by a vehicle in 2003 who didn't see us. $5,000 damage to the new bike and 6 months of physical therapy. When I could, I got back on and rode another 10 years before trading it in for a 2013 Harley-Davidson Triglide 3-wheeler.

This bike is super comfortable. I can ride all day and never get tired. I have GPS, radio, AM-FM, CD player, CB, Bluetooth, and more. It's the size of a Volkswagen Bug—it can be seen well in day or night. I changed the lighting to LED (brighter and more lights all around). The trunk holds 5 grocery bags plus the tour pack on top holds more. I don't need any saddlebags, which I found didn't hold much.

The Triglide is made at the factory. I would never go back to a 2-wheeled motorcycle, but I did love riding my Sportster 1200 all those years, long distance or not.

Sharon Cruise
Upland, CA
Monday, February 5, 2018
I look for size, how it handles, and how it fits me. I’ve ridden a 550cc, 250cc, and a 750cc. The 550cc was old and a bit clunky, the 250cc was light, fun, and easy but getting to run at high speeds was difficult. The 750cc had the smoothest engine and was a sweet ride but heavy. My current bike is a newer 500cc but I am missing the 250cc ease.

Bette Collier
Cold Brook, NY
Monday, January 8, 2018
This article covets a lot of items that affect how women choose bikes, it did not go in to handling in much detail, which surprised me. I ride a Royal Enfield Continental GT550 (2014) and the thing that attracted me to it was it's handling. It is a lightweight bike and handles corners really well. I don't feel confident on top-heavy bikes that fall into corners.

I have zero storage, but I am prepared to sacrifice storage for the handling and weight of the bike.

Caroline Amos
Moonah, Australia
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
This is a great article, but motorcycle manufacturers are still lagging in most of these categories. Women want more choices in the selection of bikes; we also want to be treated better when we go to select and make informed choices on the bikes. Hopefully the information here is sent out to the manufacturers and dealers.

Trish Gilbert
Heyworth, IL
Friday, August 25, 2017
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