I just got a new BMW R1 200 RS and it came with clutchless shifting (I do need to hold it in at full stops, though). It's more of a novelty than anything. I do find myself using it more and more just for fun but there is a definitely learning curve to getting smooth shifts. As the BMW clutch is pretty light anyway, it's not a feature I would seek out.

Alice McCardell
Dearborn, MI
Monday, December 7, 2015
As a daily freeway Harley-Davidson Sporster 1200 Custom commuter, with the prolific stop and go shifting, I recently discovered the Pingel Electronic shifter available from the manufacturer and J&P Cycles (and others). While it does require holding the clutch at stop signs, shifting is clutchless, being replaced with a handlebar mounted button that activates a shift solenoid. You may want to check it out and share with others to save shifting labor and tedium.

Michelle Gauthier
San Pablo, CA
Sunday, November 8, 2015