Great idea! I do wish they would put pounds not liters on capacity.

Bobbie Tyler
Anton, TX
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Editor Response
Since most motorcycle aftermarket manufacturers sell worldwide, the metric system is more widely used, therefore a more universal standard of measurement. In this case, 29 liters equals 7.7 gallons.

And actually you bring up a good point to further expand upon. The measurement of 29 liters when listed for saddlebags and other storage compartments does not refer to how much the bag can hold in weight, rather it refers to volume it can hold. So in this case, the accurate conversion is to gallons as a reference to volume.

The way I translate this in my head is, I picture seven gallons of milk, and try to envision them if the plastic jugs were all cut apart to make one big jug. That's how much stuff I could fit in the bag.
Genevieve Schmitt