We have this tent and love it! It is so worth the money. We were in Colorado last year and got stuck at our campground for a couple of days due to an injury and lots of rain. We were able to pull the bike out and use that entire area for our little camp chairs and just relax and wait out the rain. It has kept us dry in more than one torrential downpour. It has traveled from Ohio to Maine and back, to South Dakota, Colorado and everywhere in between. It's a great tent!

Reynoldsburg, OH
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
This is something I'll be keeping in mind when my husband and I get to go on longer rides. It's a clever idea. When we went to Scotland, we saw lots of folks stopping at B&Bs with their bikes, trying to squeeze them under any cover they could find to keep their seats dry overnight, and something light like this probably would have helped there too.

I have to store my bike outside here at home, and here's a picture of the tent I have it in. It's very heavy and definitely not for traveling, but for at-home use, it kept hail off my bike when it was brand new!

San Antonio, TX
Wednesday, July 8, 2015