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Love this story. I have a question and a comment. First, the question: Did you ever make it to Africa?

And the comment: I have been wanting to ride for a long time as well, not quite as long as Susan, but long enough! Seeing all of the other comments by ladies of a certain age (I myself just turned 44) inspired me to write. I've been riding two-up for eight years. I wanted to ride solo, but didn't think I could ever feel as confident in myself as I do when I get on the back of my boyfriend's bike.

I finally got my endorsement after taking the TEAM Oregon moto course last weekend. Sunday night I couldn't sleep; I had bikes on the brain. By Monday night I had found a bike, a 2005 Buell Blast, on craigslist. I will pick her up this Saturday. In the meantime, I am having trouble concentrating on work, or anything else for that matter (which explains why I am posting a long comment on this forum rather than meeting my work deadline). I can't remember when I felt this excited, maybe not since I was a kid, anticipating Christmas. My boyfriend keeps laughing at me (in a good way) and saying things like "she's got moto fevah!"

In short, it's never too late! Those of you lurking on forums such as this, waiting for either the courage or the "right time," don't lose hope! If you really want to ride, you will.

Ashland, OR
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Editor Response
Thanks for sharing this with us Juliet. Great thoughts here!
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
At 60 I got my endorsement. Didn't have the confidence that I thought I would but bought a Honda Rebel 250 anyway. Once I got on I never looked back! Now, three months later I have a Sportster 883 SuperLow and am having the time of my life. I had no idea that riding would give me such a new lease on life. (I had been a passenger over the years many times). It gets ahold of you, it really does!

Wichita, KS
Sunday, September 13, 2015
I have this same bike, and I love it!

Spearfish, SD
Sunday, August 2, 2015
Just read your story and loved it! Personally I don't remember when I rode as a passenger on a motorcycle, but I loved it! The thrills and freedom! Because of responsibilities and hang ups, we put off the idea of motorcycles until our "middle ages," then it happened! First hubbie got his license and I enjoyed being a passenger for a year or two, then at 49, I too was bitten! Took two attempts to obtain my license and a few wipe outs, minimal damage to both the bike and me, and yes, I am here today to say that I love to ride!

I now have a Honda VTX 1300; it has a personality all its own, kind of like me! It too is loud and proud! Oh, I have people to thank for picking me up, physically and mentally. Hubbie and Heather, sometimes I cursed them but now I thank them and owe them both so much for their encouragement!
I have to say that it's better late than never! You are never too old to enjoy the open road on two wheels!

NS, Canada
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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