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I purchased my pearl white 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S two years ago. I was a new rider and I do love this bike. I was concerned about reaching everything and this bike fit the bill to a "T." I have become a much more confident rider and this year did my first run through a double switchback up to Estes Park, Colorado. My Vulcan S is so much fun that my husband "offered to let me learn on his Vulcan 900 Classic" just for grins. His bike is too wide for me so I had to burst his bubble and say no. Too funny.

My bike was set up with the mid reach seat, stock handlebar, and extended pegs. I may attempt to find floorboards to enhance foot and leg comfort a touch more.

The first thing I adjusted was the seat. It was so uncomfortable that everything went numb fast. I had the mid reach seat redone by a local guy who customizes them for a living. It is absolutely perfect now.

I do still face the rough throttle at lower speeds but thought that might just be me. I will have to take it in to see if we can get that adjusted. As for all else, I cannot recommend this bike enough! It's light, can adjust to fit, and is powerful enough to keep up with my husband's 900, my brother-in-law's 850, and the rest of the pack.

Mrs. White
Wellington, CO
Saturday, November 14, 2020
Just curious and a question for those women riding this bike. Do you think a mid-sized cruiser like this would be improved with an optional cruise control? It bemuses me a bit that cruise control isn't offered on smaller bikes which sometimes are used for long distances on the open road. I ride a bike with cruise control and find it so much easier on my hands to be able to set cruise control and relax my "death" grip on the throttle.
As I said I am just asking for opinions as I want my partner to 1) get her license and 2) ride with me on a bike similar to the Vulcan S.

Mildura, Australia
Monday, August 15, 2016
After reading your article, I'm very interested in the S. I've been riding for so many years and have had so many different bikes I've always loved the Kawies.
Where is there a dealership in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada? I'd like to go and check one out. The price that was quotes on your info was probably in U.S. dollars, I would imagine the price is higher in Canada.

Shelby Rushing
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Sunday, July 5, 2015
Editor Response
Here's a link to the Kawasaki dealer locater. It is indeed a great motorcycle!
Genevieve Schmitt
I have had my Vulcan S for about two weeks now. Ever since I first read about it I was intrigued with the concept of it being adaptable to different heights. Being 5 feet tall finding a bike that fit me and where I felt comfortable has been a challenge. I started out on a Vulcan 500 but wanted a bigger front tire and fuel injection. My husband's Vulcan 900 was just to big for me to feel comfortable on. We went down and traded the 500 in for the S. I love my S. It is very quick and I know I can keep up with my boys on their 900s.

I'm not fond of the throttle. It is very touchy, although I have traded out the grips for bigger ones and that seems to be helping also with the aid of a throttle boss but I am still struggling with maintaining the throttle being a newer rider I'm not sure how much of it is me or the throttle itself. Though reading Tricia's comment I'm sure my husband will take a look at adjusting the throttle to see if we can change that.

I got the reduced fit handlebars and seat but I didn't like the reduce fit shifter so I left the mid-reach shifter and my husband was able to adjust it for me to reach without a problem. We also took my passenger floorboards off his bike and but them on the so I have floorboards instead of footpegs. Love it much better.

The seat is a Vulcan seat -- not sure about that just yet. That is still up in the air for now. I am used to a pillow cushion type seat on our bike so I may need to find a gel seat cushion or something, but I do like how it pushes me forward to be able to reach better. I took my first big ride last weekend and did more than 200 miles on it and can say I love how easily I have adapted and love the ride.

Duncan, SC
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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