Sash, these are basically Bates boots with a Harley emblem slapped on them. Go directly to the Bates boots web site and look for women's "Derby" boots. Same boot, cheaper price.

Carolan Ivey
Monday, March 30, 2015
Oh I like these boots. Saying "waterproof boots" to me is equivalent to "free chocolate and bourbon." But I am not a fan of branded gear. I don't want any brand, regardless of the brand name, if the branding shows blatantly. I wish the manufacturers would also produce "unlabeled" versions of these great products.
When I am complimented on my clothing, shoes, handbag, etc., I always share the designer's name and where I bought the item. I think most women do. This blatant branding isn't necessary.

Sash Walker
Scottsdale, AZ
Saturday, March 28, 2015