One wonders if you've worn the same Pro Summer gloves as those available to the consumer! I've had two pair, both of which had the same issues. (I bought one, the second was a gift.) First, while I suppose you are technically "dry", the entire glove, other than the thin liner next to your skin, is soaked. You feel wet, and you feel cold. Then, contrary to your review, when wet, the liners of both pair, came out with my hands when I removed the gloves! Trying to replace the inside-out very thin membrane into a wet glove, with now wet hands, is impossible. Plus, both pair had finger seams rip open because there wasn't enough material captured by the stitching.

As I rarely need rain gloves, both pair were just out of warranty before first use - and first failure. I doubt both pair together have more than five hours of wear, as they failed on first use, and I fortunately carried back-ups. BMW's response to 100 percent failure of two pair of clearly defective gloves? "Out of warranty." The Pro Summer gloves are fine, unless you actually get them wet. Afterwards, they are useless junk.

I've had better service from gloves costing a third the price. I also own a pair of Pro Winter gloves, which it hasn't yet become cold enough to need. Rest assured, should that need arise, based on my Pro Summer experience I will surely carry a back-up pair....just in case.

Jacksonville, FL
Saturday, October 29, 2016