The article was wonderful, but I was dismayed that some of it was covered by the website's email capture image and advertisements which I could not get to go away to read that part of the article. I hope that by putting my email here, which is required in order to submit, does not land me into "subscription" mode because I do not wish to subscribe to this, at least not at this time.

Buffalo, MN
Friday, October 24, 2014
Editor Response
No, your email is not captured by visiting our site or reading our stories. You have to sign up to get on our mailing list and confirm your subscription. We don't sign you up without consent. Never have. Unfortunately, this has become common practice these days when visiting websites. We have long stood firm on building our mailing list organically -- with people who have opted-in themselves.

We do run a Google Adsense program in some of our ad spots so if you've visited a particular product online Google's algorithms know that and will serve up those particular ads to you. That is not our doing, but Google's and you have the option to opt out of that by clicking on the blue arrow in the upper right hand corner of the ad placement.
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Great article and well written. Some more benefits of Merino wool to consider are its anti-microbial properties. If your touring and can't wash your clothes as often as you would like then Merino will not smell even after several days. Merino wool is also flame retardant so will not readily burn if you get an ember from your camp fire jump out at you. Don't forget to air dry your garments and not tumble dry; they may shrink!

Claire Crossland
Barnsley, AB, United Kingdom
Wednesday, October 22, 2014