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I love these jeans! You do have to buy a size smaller than you normally wear though. They are very comfortable on long distance rides. They may be a little bit warmer than regular jeans, but that is a price I will gladly pay for protection in case I ever go down. I highly recommend them!

Mary Roseling
Oakhurst, CA
Friday, June 10, 2016
First of all: I LOVE Genevieve and her amazing website that is one-of-a-kind and simply rocks it all the time!

I recently went to my city's largest motorcycle apparel store to search for denim riding jeans. I did not want leather for summer riding. My waist is well defined and smaller than my hips but I have abundant hips. I do not have a boy body. I am somewhat curvy and love female-defining gear. Here's what I found:

The color of the jeans was the first disappointment. I am interested in Indigo black - not washed out denim or some creepy yellowish-pale blue acid washed textile.

I had to go up several sizes to get the jeans over my hips so I looked like a gangsta and the waist was so big I'd need a rope to tether it so I could keep the pants on. I'm thinking they'd fall down if I crashed (God forbid).

I liked the Kevlar inserts because they're discreet and I didn't look like I was riding to football practice plus they're more flexible for bending and mounting up.

Today jeans can be made with a spandex or similar synthetic denim blend that allows the material to expand and contract (think NYDJ or Miracle Jeans, etc.) so why is it rocket science to design a jean for women (with or without large hips) that is figure enhancing and not "I borrowed my biker boyfriend's jeans."

Still looking and open to suggestions.

Golden, CO
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Editor Response
Hi Shirl,
First, thanks for kind and humbling words about Women Riders Now. It is comments like yours that I get almost daily from readers that keeps me going when the daily grind of running an online magazine gets me down.

Great feedback on the jeans. We will continue to review Kevlar-lined jeans as we find them. Be sure to check the Q/A section from our gear expert Joanne Donn, as we will continue to post helpful information there as well.

And of course, I assume you're subscribing to our monthly newsletter so you're the first to know when we post a new story.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I have a pair of the Sliders Bella jeans, and they are comfortable. But I'm 5 feet 7 inches and I like my jeans longer. The other riding jeans I have come in long.

Sue Nist
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
I have two pair of Draggin Jeans and these are the only pants I wear when riding. They are very comfortable and I get lots of compliments on them. They are a bit pricey but to me worth every penny. I have ridden in very hot temps and they can be a bit warm when standing still, but on the plus side the Kevlar keeps the heat off my legs from the motor when riding.

Fredericton, NB, Canada
Monday, October 6, 2014
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