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I am just now finding your column of Everyday Miracles and after reading this one I can't help but ask, you mentioned six things, did you ever write about the other five?

Cindy Holder
Jonesboro, AR
Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Editor Response
Hi Cindy,
Yes, I did. It's the next story in the summary list by date. Here's the story link for that. Thanks for asking!
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
So, reading this article, of course I began to smile. My 8-year-old son asked why I was smiling, and I responded that I was reading something that made me smile. Then I asked him and his 9-year-old brother if I smile that rarely, and they both immediately said, yes! I'm generally an easy-going person, and thought I smiled quite a bit, but if my kids don't see it, apparently I need to smile more! Thanks for the excellent reminder!

Terri Prewitt
Lynchburg, VA
Monday, March 16, 2015
Thank you Genevieve for this reminder to smile. I'm not a natural smiler and to do so many a time takes purposeful action on my part. I do have a lot to smile about though, like my Saviour, family, friends, ministry and of course, motorcycles and flushing toilets!

My everyday miracle is being able to be thankful, and smile while daily facing my heartaches, and no longer being able to ride my blues away on my baby Ninja (sold it a year ago yet still active with AMM) but hey! tomorrow is another day with much hope and many smiles. For now I smile at the thought of WRN, what a great website it is. Impressive. Thank you ladies for all your contributions, hard work and your passion for the open road. Be safe!

Abundant Blessings and Righteous Riding!

Liliana Gillen
Johannesburg, South Africa
Sunday, January 4, 2015
Genevieve, I can't wait to read about the other five! Like you, I've always frowned when thinking—people have commented—and when I turned 50 last year I decided to pursue a life I loved. I kicked my 28-year career out the door (yikes!) and bet my future on something for which I have a passion (yikes!). But I've never felt more at ease with my life, and look forward to "chapter two."

Ride on, Wind Sister!

Leslie Cook
Saint Paul, MN
Thursday, September 18, 2014
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