Your article touched my soul. As I am married to my best friend, partner-in-crime, lover and biking companion, too. We've been together eight short years, 100,000-plus kilometers, through illness, surgeries, bike accidents, trauma, love and loss. And there was no way in hell I could have survived any of it without him.

It's a true gift from (insert deity or choice here) when you can be this comfortable with another human being and never have to wonder if they'll be by your side, because you just know they will. We're like two people with one shadow and it's a good thing. Hell, we even have a Bradgelina name! People call us "Tangus" & we both answer! (Tanya + Angus)

When I was first separated from my ex-husband, I thought my world was falling apart. Turns out that the universe had a much bigger, better plan for both of us, as he was going through the same and although we knew each other for years, it took one little nudge in the right direction for my co-worker (at the time) to get us together. She was also the maid of honor at our biker wedding three years later!

Maybe I should sit down some rainy weekend and write our memoirs. We certainly have an ultimate best seller of love, life and all things motorcycle.

Thanks for sharing your story and may the rain always be behind your back, the sun shine on your face and the lights all be green!

Tanya MacBean
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Saturday, April 30, 2016
Editor Response
Thank you for the kind words. It's nice to know there are other couples out there that feel the way we do. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I believed that my life was over. I realized I'm in pain no matter what I do, even lying down, so if I'm going to be in pain, why not deal with it while doing something FUN! It was right about that time Steve and motorcycling came into my life.

You can read more about me and the way I've come into this life in my book Rude Biker Chick, Lessons From My Daddy. Pain is temporary and it affects everyone in one way or another. Don't let pain stop you.

I certainly hope we do meet one another as we ride the road of happy destiny.
May God bless you until then.
Sash Walker, WRN contributor
Loved reading about your life in the road. I ride a Piaggio MP3 400 and have triked it out due to nasty rheumatoid arthritis. You guys get along and have a great life. I found the love of my life when I was 50. He passed only four years later...but I cherish every second we had together.

Joellen Hodg
New City, NY
Monday, July 28, 2014