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Thanks Genevieve for sharing on loosening the grip. Firstly let me say that your pictures with the aurora borealis are stunning! It’s been my dream for many years to experience it, will do so one day.

To loosen the grip on fear, rejection or whatever life may throw our way means to have faith. When we loosen the grip, we relinquish control over to the Lord. Sometimes we crash, on motorcycles and sometimes in life because to the very end we hold on way too tight, too afraid to loosen up!

This morning I read your article and thought of how six years ago I had to loosen the grip on fear and purchase a 150cc scooter (it’s how I started riding) as I couldn't afford to keep my car anymore and all this while my son lay in ICU, very broken and on the verge of death due to a drunk driver who had smashed into his motorcycle at an intersection. My son was 16 then and was not wearing full protective gear, it was hot… I did what I had to do through faith in the Lord, the same faith I had in that my son would live, and all praises to the Lord he did! Why am I sharing this? Because I thought that I had been strong through it all and was over that horrid ordeal but that was until this morning.

I read the comments beneath your article, went into and read Brittany Morrow’s horrendous account of her accident. I realize now that I had not fully loosened my grip of fear on my son’s accidents (yes plural, he recently had another accident which now makes 11 broken bones and, and, and) by the time I got to the end I had a full fledged anxiety attack, went to the bathroom to be sick but passed out instead! Do I need to hand over my son’s protection to the Lord again and trust Him and not hang onto fear, for sure I most certainly do.

It’s easier sometimes to fall off a bike (done it a few times) than it is to fall in life but either way Genevieve, I agree with you, we have to loosen our grip on the motorcycle and in life… just enough for the fear to be taken over by faith.

Brittany, I applaud what you are doing! May more and more people realize the importance of wearing full gear, even if to just quickly go down the road, and actually wear it! One day I will write to you personally, but for now I still need to loosen the grip some more to my Lord Jesus.

Liliana Gillen
South Africa
Sunday, January 4, 2015
I'm turning 30 in December and I was terrified until recently. Not sure what caused me to suddenly become excited to start a new chapter in my life, but whatever it was turned the impending date from ominous to celebratory. This article is exactly what I was hoping it would be. You are an amazing role model I've grown accustomed to following. This just shows me that I have nothing to fear, because the future is bright and my life is just beginning! Thank you, Genevieve! And happy belated birthday.

Brittany Morrow
San Diego, CA
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Editor Response
Thank you so much for your kind words Brittany, and for sharing your feelings about your milestone birthday experience. I've admired you so much over the years -- watching how you turned an unfortunate incident into a lesson for all. Your website is a great educational tool for encouraging riders to wear all the gear all the time. Continued success to you!
Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Genevieve...your story struck a chord in me. Thank you. So many things drag us down nowadays. Why in the world would we want to be someone we are not meant to be? I am not wealthy, I am not thin, I am not beautiful. I am who I was patterned to be.

I too have some long rides ahead that have been on my bucket list. But always found a reason not to just...go! That must have been the anxiety me. Because I am not really's the packing of the bags, and knowing that I'm leaving home far behind, that makes me hesitant. But your releasing story has inspired me! It's my time, for my releasing. Home will still be waiting for me. I will not be alone. He is with me.

Thank you more than you know.


Thursday, June 19, 2014
So beautifully written, so inspiring.Thank you for sharing.

Paula Martel
Montreal, QC, Canada
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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