I came across your article because I'm trying to find sizing info for an Alpinestars jacket for my girlfriend (without coming out and asking her for her exact dimensions). All I have to go on is that she's 5 feet 6 inches and about 127 pounds. The consensus on the web seems to be that the Alpinestars gear (as you said) runs a little small, so I'm going to try the 44. She says she usually wears a medium in the US. So, thanks for that.

You're right, by the way about the attractiveness of the gear. You look great! Nice kit indeed.

Thanks for the writeup.

Michael Reed
Saint Petersburg, FL
Sunday, May 29, 2016
I bought the Vika - trousers and jacket. I love them both. The sizing is slightly on the small size; I had to really squeeze the trousers on at first but the leather does give after a while. Do buy a size larger if you want to put in a back protector. The leather is tougher than you think. I have given mine a few scrapes and all is well so far! My only reservation is that there is no protection for the hips. It would ruin the line - yes - but it does make you feel a little vulnerable. Beautiful suit though. Love it.

Elgin, AB, United Kingdom
Thursday, February 19, 2015
Just had a quick glance. Love it.

Elma England
Dronfield, DE, United Kingdom
Tuesday, February 3, 2015