I am so happy to read this article. I love how you view this event and share your experience. You were true to your word of putting the photo of the Love Ride logo tattoo that was on my granddaughter in your article and that is special beyond words.

Yes, I am the bread lady and I love you so much for just being beautiful you. I was hooked on your lifestyle experiences since the Discovery Channel show you did with all the other women riders. I search for you every year so I can just give you a hug and some bread—the same special bread I make for the volunteers at registration for the last 15 Love Rides. Oliver will be happy you acknowledged his volunteers.

Thank you for the picture of you and me. That is a keeper. You take so many pictures and there were plenty of celebrities and friends and special shots and you chose us! Hope to see you this year! Thanks will never seem enough. Much love and good riding!

Tanya Torres
Glendale, CA
Friday, January 24, 2014
Looks like a blast! Instead of being jealous of all the fun Betsy gets to have, I so much appreciate that I get to see it all, through her photos, from my small, windowless winter office in Iowa. Keep 'em coming!

Ann Skemp
Dubuque, IA
Tuesday, January 14, 2014