I went as a consumer. I spent three days talking to vendors and learning about the many products I've seen advertised on WRN and in many motorcycle mags as well as a few things that I haven't seen before. I also test rode some bikes and learned to ride an ATV and drive a side-by-side. I had a blast! There were also some really good restaurants within a couple of blocks of my hotel to sample, too.

One downside, if you can call it that, of test riding bikes is that you may find one that you absolutely have to have. As soon as I got home I stopped in at my favorite Yamaha dealer and put a deposit down on the first FJR1300ES they have coming in. I can hardly wait to add this gloriously red bike to my stable.

Deborah Nielsen
Cheyenne, WY
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Editor Response
Thanks for sharing your experience as a consumer. Seems like the event paid off for you big time. Enjoy the new motorcycle!
Genevieve Schmitt