I have this jacket and am disappointed with the poor quality zipper. Actually, I think the zipper's teeth are just too small as it usually comes unzipped from the bottom up. I'm considering having the zipper replaced.

Duvall, WA
Thursday, April 11, 2013
I thought your readers may want to know that while the Stella T-Fuel is cut to fit some women's shapes, it will fit smaller-busted women better. I have an XL which fits my size 12, 36DD shape almost perfectly, except for in the bust, where I wish it had a little more give.

While the T-Fuel is a flattering fit for skinny ladies built like Donya, I would also prefer a true waist adjustment at the waist - this one has what I would call a hip adjuster, since it's at the very bottom of the jacket. Many companies selling women's jackets haven't quite caught on yet to the fact that women have waists AND hips, and we come in all shapes and sizes, and could use adjustable features to address both these areas.

Bethel, CT
Thursday, March 14, 2013