Do they have them in red and black? I have a red and black biker jacket and would love to have some to match? Good review.

Neva Smith
Longview, WA
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Editor Response
The Icon Justice Gloves come in solid black in addition to the pink and black color we reviewed.
Genevieve Schmitt
Icon, please stop the pink theme. Many women would never buy anything pink including me.

Monday, April 8, 2013
Thanks for the review on these. I actually bought a black pair of these before a motorcycle trip in August and I love them. They're definitely not cold weather gloves; although they were fine for August riding in Washington State and Vancouver, BC. I have short, rather chubby hands/fingers and these gloves were the best fit. It is nice to own a pair of gloves where I don't have a half to full inch of finger empty because my fingers are short. They also are more flexible than other gloves I tried on offering the same protection.

I didn't notice the thumb squeeze you mentioned, however, I've never had such a snug pair of motorcycle gloves and that took a bit to get use to. They also stretched out a bit after riding (not much though) that made them more comfortable to me.

They also are excellent for riding around my current home state of Florida and after several months they are still holding up well.

I love your reviews. Keep them up. (I'm still on the quest for the perfect boot - one for short feet and fat calves!)

Tampa, FL
Wednesday, February 13, 2013