Get off the back of your man's Harleys girls and get your own. There's nothing more inspiring than this feeling. You're never alone as you have the whole Harley biker community riding with you. To experience those back country roads under your command is awesome. To travel up a county mountain and just moving your body to the scenic countours without moving your handlebars is an incredible feeling as you are owning that mountain. When you pull into a parking spot of a restaurant or bar and you take off your helmet and your beautiful hair falls around your face, look up because you will see many men looking at you with total admiration. You are one cool Harley chick by your own rights.

CJ Geierman
Estill Springs, TN
Monday, May 6, 2013
I was at the 100 and 105th and would LOVE to attend the 110th and rock with Kid Rock!

Shavonne Mitchell
Pierre, SD
Sunday, March 3, 2013