I found this article very informative. My thoughts are that giving of yourself while raising funds for the cause is what furthers a cause and shows contributors that your stance has passion in what you are doing. People experiencing your enthusiasm provides them with a cause to support and they too look forward to the small successes. I feel that spreading the word, and having people pledge amounts for the miles to be conquered is enthusiastic for the supporters as well. Enthusiasm can be very contagious, and in being so, hopefully lucrative as well. Imagine: .01/per mile x 4400 miles= 44.00 x 60 people =$ 2640.00, and with the pledges they donate directly to the BCRF Web site. That is what I mean about giving of yourself. And today's Internet allows people to follow the journey making them feel like they are directly involved.

Kirsten Bustos
Victorville, CA
Friday, June 8, 2012
That looks like my crochet pink ribbon Tamela is wearing! I couldn't go so I crocheted a bunch of these and sent them to Tamela to use as fundraisers while she was on the road. So cool to see her wearing it.

Diannia Clawson
Cedar Creek , TX
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
What a great article! Some friends and I have started a "sister" group to Flo's WWR Conga and we are calling it "NW Conga for the Cause." This is being done with Flo's blessing. We just hit on the idea a couple of months ago and have a lot to learn about Conga. Our first event will be this July 21 and 22. and based in Vancouver, Wa. Since we don't have much planning time, we are just getting together as many riders as we can, splitting into groups of 15 to 20 and going to different areas each day to raise money for the cause. Next year, thanks to this great article, we should be able to accomplish much more.

Leilani Wildman
Vancouver, WA
Saturday, March 17, 2012